Apart from all of the fun memories from our latest holiday travels across the ocean, I want to share with you the most adorable and original brand – FABROOM (FAB by Mary P) that I have discovered while I was in Minsk (Belarus).

The brand has a big selection of colorful sweatshirts with some fancy embroidery, knit accessories, coats and tracksuits that are perfectly comfortable for any day.

I fell in love with every piece from their winter collection! Can’t wait for Spring’16 pieces to come out!

So I went to visit the workshop and met with the designer Mary P. who told me the story behind the Fabroom:

-How long ago have you created your brand?

We are a relatively young brand and our showroom was opened in the beginning of July 2015.

– What was the whole idea of creating the brand?

Everything happened very spontaneously, and I was still pleasantly surprised after six months since the brand was launched. We had such a quick success with sales, but to be honest, since the whole idea of the Fabroom was created and launched it’s been actually only five months…

– I assume that Fabulous was the word that inspired you? Why?

Yes, exactly! The word fabulous was the main inspiration for our brand and the showroom. Fab pieces at the Fabroom!

– What’s the main inspiration of your designs?

I can’t come up with a particular inspiration, but I would say that the observation of everyday life’s details is what inspires me the most for my creations.

– All of the pieces are casual/chic and they have an original quirky attitude, is that what reflects the designers character ?

Exactly! I am all about simplicity in everything, but of course with some original and meaningful details.

– Does your son somehow inspire your everyday style and design?

You know, probably yes, he does. He gives me those magical vibes of the miracle, and I think that most of my pieces are magical:)

– Any plans for the future collaborations? (local or abroad)

Yes of course, because it is very important to grow and to develop the business, and I am all about the novelties.

– Are you going to design mommy and me twinning outfits?

I would probably did already if I wanted to.. It is not something that appeals to me personally.

– What American or European celebrity mom style do you find similar to yours? (If any)

Lena Perminova, I love her style, but I also like Victoria Beckham’s style – simple, yet very tasteful.